when MKP presents creative, expect the unexpected

Don’t get us wrong – each concept will focus relentlessly on your strategic goals. We will respect your brand voice, honor your budget and dovetail seamlessly with your other marketing initiatives. But somewhere in our presentation, you’re going to find something that will make you sit up and take notice, laugh out loud or think about the opportunities of your brand in a new and exciting way.

We call this the chocolate/strawberry/pistachio approach to creative concepts: something you’re sure to like, something fresh and different and something undeniably unique. While we describe this range of ideas playfully, we’re very serious about it. Our job is to expand your taste buds so you can be certain about what you really, truly want.

What about vanilla? Sorry, while creativity abounds at MKP, vanilla creative is not on the menu. We’ll give it to you if you ask, but even then, we’ll probably find a way to add a few sprinkles.


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