Direct Mail

Ten years ago, industry experts predicted the demise of direct mail in favor of the speed and economy of electronic communications. Their predictions were premature. Today, with inboxes overflowing and spam filters more powerful than ever, direct mail is still a communications tool of choice – particularly when it’s used with economy and precision, the MKP way.

promotional & sales campaigns

We have managed thousands of direct mail campaigns, from simple postcards to highly customized offers and elaborate dimensional ”door openers” for B2B clients. Expect breakthrough creativity, list acumen, postal know-how and great quality control. We’ll make sure the right message is delivered into the right hands, with the greatest impact, at the lowest cost.

relationship building & retention

It’s no secret that your best source of new business is your current customer base. But how do you find proven ways to leverage this opportunity? MKP can help. We’re experienced in implementing highly effective cross-sell programs, rewards programs and other types of continuity communications that help you build relationships, foster longevity, create greater customer loyalty and enrich your bottom line.

compliance & regulatory communications

Whether you need a one-off notification about a pricing change, or some assistance in communicating a new regulatory requirement clearly and succinctly, MKP is your go-to team. We’re experts in crafting change/compliance copy with customer-friendly language that simplifies legal jargon and focuses on customer concerns, impacts and actions required. Every communication is an opportunity to deliver your brand and strengthen your customer relationships. Let MKP show you how.

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