The road from a great idea to a finished campaign can be long and loopy – but not when you’ve got MKP on board to straighten you out. We have the process in place to spot potential problems before they knock you off course.

Our project managers are the best in the business: experienced, smart, determined and eagle-eyed. To start every major project, we draft a strategy statement that summarizes our assignment, our creative deliverables, our primary and secondary messages, our target audiences and every key aspect of the job. We will ask you to review this document carefully, make amendments and sign off on it, because it will become our marching orders for every step of the way.

Nothing is taken for granted. As the project progresses and changes happen, you’ll find that timelines will promptly be adjusted. Budgets will be updated. You see the impact of every change, and there are no surprises.

Our work-flow processes and infrastructure are designed to assure that multiple sets of eyes are on every aspect of your assignment. Creative content is reviewed by a separate subject matter expert with an extensive knowledge of financial services. A separate production team reviews designs to assure that your job meets all applicable requirements, whether in the mail, in print or online. All elements are sent to outside proofreading companies to minimize the risk of typos and other errors.

In the end, you’ll get a finely polished finished product, thanks to a process that seemed remarkably easy. Except it wasn’t.