A Dog’s Life at MKP

It doesn’t happen every morning, but sometimes my owner Hillary grabs a leash and says: “Oliver, do you want to come to work today?”  WORK!!  WORK!!  YES, I want to come to work! What could be better than work?

I love the ride into New York City with the window down, especially when traffic stops on the West Side Highway and we get to admire the skyline for an hour or so. Then there’s our stroll through the Flatiron District, where every pooch looks like a fashion model and every lamp post has a story to tell. I wish I could come to work every day!

As soon as we get to the office, I assume my role as MKP’s official greeter. It’s a job I do with gusto! As visitors arrive I like to jump up and give them a big hello, really leaning in for a good lick or two. (I find that subtlety is lost on humans.)  I even bark a loud howdy-do every time the elevator passes by our floor! I want everybody to know I’m here, because we wet-nosed staffers are severely under-represented in the American workplace.

Another important assignment is checking the trash cans for any food items that may have been carelessly thrown out. Waste not, want not! I continue to monitor the trash situation throughout the day, keeping an eye out for recyclable items like ink cartridges, which I can chew open to make sure there’s no ink inside.

Of course, it’s not all play at MKP.  I often contribute to conference calls, and I don’t hesitate to express my opinion at the HIGHEST POSSIBLE VOLUME! It seems to make a big impact, because someone immediately hits the red mute button on the phone and everybody starts shouting “Oliver! Oliver!” I accept their kudos with canine humility and exit gracefully.

Twice a day, I make it a point to take Hillary or one of the other MKP team members out for a walk. I find that the fresh air perks them up nicely!  (Though they all take a strange interest in my basic bodily functions, which they discuss in hushed tones when I return. Puzzling.)

Finally, there’s a chance for a little “me” time. I like to demonstrate proper work/life balance by taking an afternoon nap in the middle of the floor, while various staff members make envious comments as they skirt around me.

Then it’s time to wake up and go home! I make my good-bye rounds, perhaps placing a soggy chew-toy in a lucky person’s lap to signify a job well done.

Oh, how wonderful it is to be such a valued part of the MKP team! I wish I could come to work every day!

MKP communications inc. is a New York City based communications company that delivers spot-on strategy, smart, fresh creative, combined with flawless execution, exclusively for financial services clients.

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