MKP employees on a zoom call wearing masks

Doing our part to curb the spread of Coronavirus

They come in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes and fabrics. Some have vents and others have elastic bands to hold them. Some are disposable, and some are pricey and reusable. We’ve seen ones in black and plaid, with smiley faces and even with the famous Rolling Stones lick face image. In some walks, they have become a fashion accessory, selected to match a particular outfit. What are we talking about? Masks.

Most of us are wearing masks today in public to help curb the spread of Coronavirus. Kids are wearing them.  Seniors too. Even babies. And at MKP, we too are wearing them and doing our part to stay safe and healthy and to keep those around us the same.

While donning a mask is still quite new to many of us in America, protective face gear is hardly new. A little research revealed that in the 17th century, plague doctors wore leather head gear donned with perfume to protect from germs in the air. In the 19th century fancy women wore masks to protect their skin from dust. And it was in the early 20th century that doctors began wearing masks in surgery.

Now in the pandemic of 2020, we are each compelled to do our part to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 which has taken more than 100,000 lives so far in America. So, pick a fun one, carry it with you at all times and go wild and make a statement with your mask. That’s what we are all doing at MKP.

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