Lots of small text with magnifying glass showing words "Merger project list"

When the project list gets too big…

By Melissa Chefec, Business Development Manager

Once upon a time there was a new marketing & communications company named MKP. It opened its doors in 1995 and got its first significant merger communications project a couple of weeks in. It was an unexpected yet wonderful stroke of good fortune. The project was for a big bank that took a chance in hiring a young company. MKP did a “bang-up” job and even went on to win a vendor-of-the-year award from the client. The project was the first project on the now-famous “merger project list.”

At the five-year mark of MKP’s existence, the merger project list had grown to include 15 projects. The company hired more employees to handle the work and, as each month gave way to the next, the merger project list began to fill the page. The agency's employees felt proud that some clients were starting to show up on the list more than once. MKP loves its repeat clients.

Merger Project List 2009
MKP's Merger Project List in 2009​​​

Fast-forward to fifteen years in business and the merger project list included 40 projects! By the time MKP hit 20 years in business, the list boasted 65 projects. That was when the list went from a horizontal to a vertical orientation in order to fit all the projects. Plus, the font size started getting smaller and smaller to keep everything on one page.

Now, MKP has been in business for over 26 years, and it’s is barely able to fit all the merger projects onto the list. The list has been reformatted into three columns and the type continues to shrink. A couple of projects more and a second page may, at long last, be something to consider. But there’s just something about keeping it to one page… what’s MKP to do…?

MKP Current Merger Project List
MKP's Merger Project List as it stands today

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