By Sandra Rota, Vice President and Chief Merger Communications Officer
By Melissa Chefec, Business Development Manager What makes some people savers and others spenders? And how can banks and parents instill a love of saving in young kids that will last throughout their lives? Bank marketers should seize the opportunity to best educate kids and their parents about money and saving, helping cultivate and nourish long-term financial health while building the foundation for long-term profitable banking relationships.
By John Raffa, Intern Three years ago today, I was a bright-eyed senior at Yorktown High School awaiting my summer and excited for the road ahead of me in college. I constantly remind myself of this because I am truly amazed at where the time has gone and all that I still have ahead of me. 
By Jeff Keller, Creative Director “What are you going to wear?” I ask my design partner Nick as soon as I hear about the meeting. “Black,” says Nick. “I always wear black.” “I was thinking about a jacket and tie,” I say nervously.