By Melissa Chefec, Business Development Manager You go to the deli to buy a sandwich, chips and a soda and it comes to $13.20. You give the guy $15 and he gives you back $1. You ask, “hey, what about the 80 cents?” to which he replies, “we don’t have change.” You need quarters for the washing machine at the corner laundromat. You go to the nearest bank with ten bucks for a roll of quarters only to be turned away because you don’t have an account there and they are not giving change to non-customers.
By Erin O'Brien, Assistant Project Manager The Covid-19 pandemic closed down almost every bank’s branch network during the height of the pandemic. Even now, most branch lobbies require appointments upon entry so the highest priority banking can be performed.
By Maxwell Chalkin, Chief Digital Officer and Senior Project Manager As a consumer of financial products, what makes for a good experience? Twenty-five years ago, the answer would likely have had something to do with excellent service proffered by a friendly banker at your local branch who knows your name. How things have changed.
By Laura DeLaCruz, Director of Project Management and Business Development In a bank merger, customer impacts are not fully understood at the beginning of a communications project, and business decisions are made (and changed) multiple times throughout the process. So how does one get to a finished product when all the information is not clearly defined?