Enhancing Customer Engagement Using Interactive Digital Content

By Brenna Donahue, Assistant Project Manager

With advances in technology, marketing professionals are publishing an increasing amount of digital content across all industries, including financial services. But, with a slew of marketing materials hitting customers’ inboxes, smartphones and social media feeds daily, what can you do as a company to garner the attention of those aimlessly scrolling? What steps can you take to make your content stand out, generate brand awareness and attract leads?

Avoid Crystal Balls With a Solid Production Plan

By Amy Hanauer, Assistant Production Manager

The ongoing supply chain issues plaguing today’s economy are also affecting the manufacturing and ordering of paper stock. MKP continues to monitor current trends and we know that, with proper planning and production timelines, we can help our clients navigate the ups and downs of what sometimes feels like a never-ending rollercoaster of events beyond their control. A solid production plan can prevent needing a crystal ball (which—let’s be honest—may not have all the answers you are looking for).

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