Change Communications
Convey your changes, keep your customers

Change is inevitable in a complex industry like banking. Products evolve, fees get adjusted, advisors go elsewhere. 

But here’s the thing: Customers don’t like change

That’s why MKP has developed a number of tools that allow us to make change less stressful for customers – so you won’t lose the relationships you’ve worked so hard to gain. 

  • Identify pain points and strategies to mitigate negative news 
  • Create a hierarchy of messaging to assure key messages are noticed 
  • Use personalization to make communications as individualized as possible 
  • Suggest multiple touch-points to make sure no customer is caught by surprise 
  • Create supporting guidebooks and documentation to help customers when changes are significant 
  • Create call scripts and other approaches to minimize attrition among high-value customers
We can assist you with:
  • Branch closings and relocations
  • Product conversions 
  • System migrations 
  • Repricing notifications 
  • Personnel changes 
  • Apology letters
  • Check reimbursements 
  • What-if letter templates for system outages and other special situations 
  • Letter templates for one-off messaging to individual customers