Regulatory Communications
Turn compliance necessities into marketing opportunities

In our highly regulated industry, you’re frequently required to make customers aware of changes in state and federal regulations, or to contact individual customers regarding compliance issues.

Sure, you can simply treat these communications as a mandate. But why not take the opportunity to build stronger bonds with your customers at the same time?

We help you think strategically about these communications so you can frame the messaging in the most positive light possible. Use the opportunity to show that you’re on the customer’s side, and you’ll win a higher level of loyalty as a result. 

  • If changes are designed to protect the customer, we find ways to help you demonstrate your enthusiastic support
  • If changes place new obligations on a customer, we make sure you spell out the ways your bank is willing and able to assist. 

We’re not attorneys and can’t help you determine your specific legal obligations regarding these communications. But we are experts in turning compliance or regulatory notices into a platform for expressing your brand promise and commitment to your customer base – so you get maximum mileage out of every communication. 

Ask MKP to help communicate the details of:
  • Consumer Financial Protection Board rulings 
  • Anti-Money-Laundering communications 
  • FDIC rulings 
  • Error remediations, including refund checks