If you’re a marketer with a big job to do and no
time to do it, then it’s time to get a new best friend: MKP communications.

We demonstrate our commitment to your success by grabbing hold of a project and not letting go until it’s completed – no matter how long the hours or how tough the schedule. It’s a trick we learned in the world of merger communications, where deadlines are often absolute and non-negotiable. And we’ve never missed a legal deadline. Ever. In over twenty years.

Similarly, our advertising promotions are often just one part of a bankwide marketing effort, with lots of different initiatives that must be carefully integrated. So there’s no tolerance for off-strategy creative, and no wiggle room to be late.

Clients give us these kinds of do-or-die projects regularly because we are obsessive, we are relentless and we don’t think twice about working around the clock to deliver great work, on schedule, every time.

As a marketer, you’ve got enough headaches. We specialize in taking them away. So if you have a tough project, bring it on. We’re committed to getting it done. Whatever it takes, baby.