About MKP


We are a close-knit team that's spent the last 25+ years working almost exclusively with banks, insurers and related companies. We are relentlessly innovative yet strategically disciplined... big-picture thinkers who grind every last detail... stalwart marketers who are great fun to work with! We know our stuff, and above all, we know what works. If you're a financial services marketer with a tough challenge ahead of you, call in the specialists at MKP.


Our Mission...

To perfect the art and science of good communication.


Our Vision...

A world in which communications inform, persuade and inspire.


Our Core Values...

  • Dedication

  • Integrity

  • Innovation


We are...

  • Collaborative

  • Insightful

  • Fun

  • Savvy

  • Relentless




Meet the team

The MKP team is unmatched, unequaled, unrivaled and unparalleled. We're in it to win it and we hit it out of the park, every single time. We move mountains, heaven and earth, and we have many feathers in our caps. Need more clichés? We can do that, too. Whatever the challenge, we rise to the occasion. Meet the team >

Thought leadership

We're proud to be recognized as an authority in financial marketing communications. We don't take this responsibility lightly and we're always trying to move and inspire with innovative ideas, turn challenges into new areas of opportunity and share our insights on how to craft clear and effective communications. Browse our thought leadership >