Direct Mail

Make the mailbox your best friend
At MKP, we’ve managed thousands of direct mail initiatives. From simple postcards to highly customized merger communications with hundreds of variables… from elaborate cross-sell efforts to one-of-a-kind “door openers” for ultra-high value prospects. In addition, we can provide a comprehensive communications review of all your business-as-usual letter templates to ensure they are customer-friendly and consistent in tone and brand.

In every case, we deliver meticulous planning, on-target copy, in-house production expertise and a commitment to your bottom line.

Whether your assignment involves promotional and sales campaigns, targeted cross-sell efforts to your customer base, product change communications or regulatory notifications, we produce vivid and memorable direct mail that’s on message, on brand and on budget. That’s the MKP way.

Our in-house production team is involved in every phase of the creative process to make sure our designs are presented in cost-efficient formats and sizes. We negotiate pricing aggressively and obtain multiple bids. Most important of all, we’re well-versed in producing virtually every kind of advertising imaginable: from pop-up brochures and lenticular (3D-style) printing to promotional items custom-made for our clients.

No agency has leveraged the potential of personalization more exhaustively than MKP. Our merger communications are often built with a large matrix of independent copy blocks, carefully written so that they can be seamlessly combined to match the exact product set of each customer. We can use the same sophisticated personalization techniques to make your emails or DM letters more targeted, more compelling and more effective.

MKP’s production arm operates in a Service Organization Control (SOC) audited environment, which attests to our commitment to data security and ensuring your customer data is safe. Data is encrypted and transferred through secure channels, where it is housed in a controlled-access facility with visitor login and escort, video surveillance, facility alarms and other stringent security measures. Access to servers is highly restricted and data is protected by firewalls and PGP encryption.

MKP fields on-site quality control teams for everything we produce. Our account teams perform exhaustive data checks of laser-printed letters in “test mode” to make certain that all programming is accurate. Then our teams inspect mail packages throughout the run for accuracy and print quality of personalization, as well as proper insertion of all package components. No mail leaves the facility unless it carries an approval stamp from MKP. Similar standards apply to traditional print production as well.

MKP employs techniques that drive mail deeper into the postal system, saving on postage costs and speeding up delivery times. We work closely with our postal contacts to obtain USPS classification rulings that can result in substantial savings for our clients. We can also give you greater control of in-home delivery dates, producing a more even and consistent flow of responses that will not overtax your phone lines and other internal resources.