Legal & Change Communications

Convey your changes, keep your customers
Change is inevitable in a complex industry like banking, but customers don’t like change. That’s why MKP has developed a number of strategies that allow us to make change less stressful for customers – so you don’t lose the relationships you’ve worked so hard to gain.
  • Identify opportunities to mitigate negative news and pain points
  • Create message hierarchy to ensure key messages are heard
  • Use personalization to make communications as individualized as possible
  • Suggest multiple touchpoints to make sure no customer is caught by surprise
  • Create call scripts, FAQs, and supporting documentation to help staff and customers when changes are significant
  • Develop strategies to minimize attrition among high-value customers
Turn compliance necessities into marketing opportunities

In our highly regulated industry, you’re frequently required to make customers aware of changes in state and federal regulations, or to contact individual customers regarding compliance issues.

Don’t treat these communications simply as legal notices. Use them as an opportunity to build stronger bonds with your customers. We develop content to help you frame the messaging in the most positive light possible. Whether you’re talking about regulatory requirements, CFPB announcements or security-related concerns like anti-money-laundering initiatives, you get the maximum mileage out of every customer touchpoint.

We implement communications for:
  • Branch closings and relocations
  • Product conversions
  • System migrations 
  • Repricing notifications
  • Personnel changes
  • Error remediations, including check reimbursements and “oops” messaging
  • Contingencies like system outages and other special situations
  • One-off messaging to individual customers