Merger Communications
In the world of bank merger communications, experience counts
Bank mergers are uniquely complex. There are lots of moving parts, the stakes are high, and deadlines are unrelenting. But with MKP on your team, you’ll be more confident in managing the challenges ahead. There’s nothing we haven’t seen – and nothing we can’t handle.

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  • Create a master merger communications plan that employs best practices to reach every audience and LOB 
  • Determine cost-effective strategies to deliver appropriate messaging and manage hundreds of critical messages 
  • Develop timelines to meet all legally mandated requirements 
  • Plan information flow that does not overburden customers with more information than they need 
  • Create a cohesive messaging platform with a consistent, compelling theme across all elements and audiences 
  • Manage customer data complexities 
  • Supervise and quality-control all printing and mailing efforts 
  • Aim to achieve maximum customer retention