Communications Strategy
The secret sauce that makes it all work
MKP approaches strategic assignments like detectives, challenging assumptions and probing for possibilities so we can deduce the best way to meet your marketing goals. We’re not order takers. We’re proactive partners in search of the smartest, most cost-effective marketing solution. And we won’t stop until we’ve nailed it.

Finding the right message flow 

Financial services are not impulse purchases. They’re sophisticated products that often require a protracted communications effort through a succession of carefully calibrated touch points: digital, DM, phone, in-person and more. We create strategies that integrate all of these avenues seamlessly, putting the odds of success on your side. 

Avoiding message overkill 

We are specialists in the art of simplifying through personalization – we do the work for each recipient, providing targeted information about the major product benefits for their particular need. It’s a technique that allows you to speak more directly to each customer, and to achieve more with less. 

Support on every level 

If a strategy requires supporting documentation to help either your staff or customers understand all the details you need to communicate, that’s when other agencies tend to kick the ball back to you. But we roll up our sleeves and get to work, helping you develop detailed manuals, how-to guides and other non-advertising materials. Our soup-to-nuts approach to strategic planning takes more work off your plate and helps insure strategic success.