Communications Strategy

Big-picture thinking, detailed planning
MKP approaches assignments like detectives, challenging assumptions and probing for possibilities to deduce the best way to meet your marketing goals. We’re not order-takers. We’re proactive partners in search of smart, cost-effective marketing solutions.

Building a communications plan starts with knowing your targets. Insights into their demographics, behaviors and how they are impacted are critical to developing different solutions and different messaging appropriate to each audience. Especially in complex communications initiatives, one size rarely fits all.

Once you confirm what you’re trying to accomplish and what needs to be communicated, we work with you to determine the best solutions to employ. Whether it’s direct mail required for regulatory notices, POS collateral, digital delivery, or other channel, a smart plan outlines each piece of the puzzle in context of the overall objectives.

Financial services are sophisticated. They often require a protracted communications effort to sell through a succession of carefully calibrated touch points across channels. And we build content that integrates all channels seamlessly through coordinated strategies.

When considering the purpose and positioning of the overall message for each tactic, we set the framework for what, when and why you are communicating. Outlining these details up front is essential to effective and integrated communications.

We specialize in the art of simplifying through personalization – where appropriate data is available, we build programs that deliver targeted information about major product benefits to each recipient for his or her particular need. It’s a technique that allows you to speak more directly to each customer.

If a strategy requires supporting documentation to help your staff or customers understand all the details you need to communicate, other agencies tend to kick the ball back to you. But we roll up our sleeves and get to work, helping you develop training tools, how-to guides and other non-advertising materials. Our soup-to-nuts approach takes more work off your plate, helping to ensure message alignment and strategic success.