By Terry Cole, Chief Content Officer
By Terry Cole, Chief Content Officer Every industry seems to have its own language – words, phrases, abbreviations and acronyms that are commonly used and understood by those in the business. Banking is certainly one of the industries that has a language all its own.
This Pride Month, we’re highlighting 30 fabulous LGBTQ+ individuals who have made significant impacts in their fields and communities. These individuals embody the essence of pride, demonstrating creativity, resilience and a relentless pursuit of equality. Through their actions and voices, they have not only uplifted the LGBTQ+ community but have also inspired countless others to embrace their true selves and advocate for a more just and equitable world.
By Hillary Kelbick, President & CEO In the vast landscape of advertising and marketing, good creative isn't just about catchy slogans or arresting visuals. It's about integrity. It's about holding your product, your brand and your audience in the highest regard. When we talk about good creative, we're talking about more than just aesthetics; we're talking about honesty, respect and pride in what we do.