By Jeff Keller, Creative Director “What are you going to wear?” I ask my design partner Nick as soon as I hear about the meeting. “Black,” says Nick. “I always wear black.” “I was thinking about a jacket and tie,” I say nervously.
By Amy Hanauer, Assistant Production Manager
By Hillary Kelbick, President & CEO With Women’s History Month upon us, I took some time to reflect on my journey with MKP, the company I started more than 27 years ago. I had no clue at the time I started the firm what it would be like to enter a business primarily dominated by men and to do so at a time where being an executive was not necessarily compatible with being an ambitious working mother.
By Phil Ziff, Project Manager For over twenty-five years, MKP had been a company that, like many others, worked out of a central office space. While a few employees worked primarily from home, most people met daily in MKP’s New York City loft in Union Square.