Graphic of robot giving a lecture to humans

The AI Debate: Thoughts, Perspectives and Musings from the MKP Team

By Terry Cole, Chief Content Officer

A hot topic of conversation among marketing and communications professionals today is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) or chatbots such as ChatGPT in the creation of content. Judging by the recent conversations at MKP’s Thought Leadership team meetings, it may be the hottest industry topic! Is it ethical to create content using AI or is that cheating? Is using AI to support content development a smart, time-saving approach or does it “cross the line” into plagiarism? What’s considered an appropriate use of AI and what is not?

Rather than keep this interesting (and lively!) debate to ourselves, several MKP colleagues passionate about the topic agreed to share their views with our clients, friends and followers in a series of blog posts. We will share a different colleague’s perspective each week for the next several weeks.

Welcome to the MKP team AI debate.

First up: MKP’s Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Maxwell Chalkin provides his thoughts and insights on the role of AI in the creation of content.

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