Video: King of Content

One of the most powerful tools marketers have at their disposal today is video. Television has long been an effective way to reach an audience, but the advent of online marketing combined with more economical means of video production has resulted in a revolution whereby video content is the principal inexpensive and disseminable means for engaging employees, customers and business prospects alike.

According to Charlie Chalkin, MKP’s Director of Video Production, “Video is the easiest and most digestible way to communicate your message. Consumers are surrounded by screens that are constantly feeding us information. When video content is carefully calibrated to captivate a targeted audience, its potential to go viral and to get people to act is effectively limitless.”

At MKP, we proudly offer professional in-house video production services and have deep experience producing quality video to serve myriad purposes:

Introduce staff or executive management

  • “Meet our bankers”
  • “Meet our CEO”


  • Tutorials
    • How do I add a bill payee, how do I send a wire, etc.?
  • Financial education
    • Tips for budgeting, saving for your first home, etc.


  • Product marketing
    • Offers, incentives, bonuses, account features, etc.
  • Brand marketing
    • Communicate your core values and what you stand for
  • Internal communications
    • Get your team on the same page


  • Animation
  • Interview style
  • Scripted live action

Channels (paid and organic)

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Your website
  • Email campaigns
  • Programmatic display
  • Out of home advertising

Let the MKP team brainstorm with your team about the most effective ways to integrate video content into your marketing strategy and accomplish your objectives. Reach out today.

MKP communications inc. is a New York City-based communications company that delivers spot-on strategy, smart, fresh creative, and flawless execution, exclusively for financial services clients.

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We've helped clients of different stripes achieve their communications goals using video. Watch a few examples below.